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vmas shit with miley cyrus

Okay, so I really have nowhere else to go with this so I am just going to post it here. Despite Jessie’s past legal troubles, I still think that what she did was great.  She has the voice and power to make a change like that, and even if the things that the media is saying are true, it STILL doesn’t change the FACTS.  He still struggled, as do so many other people, and THAT is what should be focused on. 

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Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running

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I miss vaca 4 days ago
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i wanna meet the male version of me 

Already did @skrabballama 💝

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U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

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I tried to do a quick one of those drawing where you don’t lift up the pen and just continue to draw || fucked up kids by The Maine 1 month ago with 128 notes
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